Race Squad

We are are planing to launch an official race team.

Red Walters

Addicted to racing road and track, lives for a bunch sprint. Started the sport in 2016 and has been improving since.

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Mani Arthur

Club founder, apparel model and national athlete. He is a man with an infectious enthusiasm for cycling and diversity. Having represented Ghana in the African Games 2019 as part of a 2 man team.

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Kai “2000” Watts

Starting from a young age of 6 I’ve always loved going fast on my bike especially on the hills and with type 1 diabetes I’ve shown that you can do anything no matter what condition or illness you have and I’ve raced and ridden in some fantastic places such as the grim Belgium Kermesse and the beautiful roads of Atlanta Georgia in America.

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Aaron Sandhu

A story that many men can relate to.
As a pro gamer Aaron didn’t have much of a physically active lifestyle. He started cycling and was bitten by the bug. His competitive nature lead him towards racing. To aid his efforts he knew he had to train hard to improve his talents. Going from 105kg to 85kg and rising from Cat4 to Cat2 within 1 year, he is definitely 1 to watch.

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Johnny Sargent

Started cycling on 2 wheels at the age of 2. He’s always been into most sports through school, even taking up martial arts whilst doing athletics. Eventually took up cycle racing from 2016, then competed more seriously in 2017 to present. Also he has represented Team TFC in some of the Pro Am Zwift racing earlier this year. Now looking forward to racing for BCN RT in 2021

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Matthew Gray

Having always had a passion for sports, Mathew strives for the top spot. With his broad skill set, he has competed at regional and national level against some of the toughest riders in the country. He has displayed incredible abilities on both the track and the road in multiple disciplines. As he progresses into his second year as an under 23, he has big aspirations for the future. Mathew is always thinking of ways to improve himself and his communities and empower those around him.

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James Gray

South London born and raised. James has been a powerful rider both on the indoor track and out on the road. Having spent time coaching youth riders, James also understands cycling from the ground up. He considers himself a true sprinter, with strong aspersions to turning professional and racing at the highest echelons of the sport. Having raced the Tour of Assen, the London Six Day and the historic Good Friday Track Meeting, he knows what it takes to mix it with the big hitters. If his results are anything to go by, James is one mean pocket rocket that you better keep an eye on. These thunder thighs don’t stop.

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Pete Wilson

Peter started cycling on a road bike in 2016, 108kg at the time, but driven to training for a triathlon. After meeting some of the BCN members (before BCN existed) in 2017 he stuck with the bike and is now a slender 93kg. He started racing crits in summer 2019 with his analytical mind understanding lead out and race tactics leading to wins with other BCN racers in January 2020.

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Joren Brook

Cat3 young up and comer