Development Squad

For those developing their strengths and race tactics

Nate Roberts

Some of you know him as Big Nate. Started off cycling at 128kg and now at 118kg. Going against the grain with the stereotypes the press present. A keen young cyclist open to learning new things. Started off learning how to ride in a group confidently to now leading club rides and doing over 100 miles every week without fail. Nate is looking to enhance his cycling skills and fitness to the next level by joining CAT 4 level crit racing.

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Gregory Patmore

“I’m a nice guy, with some nice dreams”. From a young age I loved cycling. My first bike was a heavy Halfords clunker which i rode with jeans from dawn to dusk. The passion has always been there but now i appreciate the culture of the sport.
I tried racing before but nerves got to me. Older and wiser i’m looking forward to giving both circuit and track another bash.

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James Barrett

One of the senior BCN members , James raced as a junior in 90s and rediscovered his passion for road racing on the eve of his 40th. He has continued to improve as he gets older and is looking to specialize in TT’s and open road events. His biggest challenge is juggling family like with cycling.

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Hugo Oliveira

I consider my self a really strong spirit, pushing to the limits, very compatible regardless, I take my training very serious to get my targets also encourage and give motivation to other people.
No joke !!! (A Easy ride is a hard day )?

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Sam Hamilton-Peach

Profile TBC