Peter Wilson

Peter started cycling on a road bike in 2016, 108kg at the time, but driven to training for a triathlon. After meeting some of the BCN members (before BCN existed) in 2017 he stuck with the bike and is now a slender 93kg. He started racing crits in summer 2019 with his analytical mind understanding lead out and race tactics leading to wins with other BCN racers in January 2020.

10 questions

What sport would you do if you were not a cyclist?
Freestyle skiing, although would also need to actually be good enough & live in the mountains – I followed obsessively for about 10 years. Skiing is a lot more like cycling than you think – you can do it alone, in groups, find your own niche, do it for as long or short as you want, and the coffee stop is basically identical.

Who in the cycling world would you like to go for a ride with?
Thomas De Gendt for the banter and the incredible 5 minute power.

Which other sport do you mostly follow and which club or athlete do you support?
Freestyle skiing and field hockey

What city would you most like to live in?
Sydney – so chilled and small enough to feel like it’s your own.

How do you relax after a hard day?
Reading – I try and read stuff I agree with and stuff I disagree with to make sure I know as much about my biases as possible.

What music do you put on when you want to get pumped?
Real mix, but drum and bass to get pumped, there is an 1 hour Andy C set on YouTube that is perfect for a turbo session. I spent a lot of my teenage years in Fabric.

What’s your favourite TV show?

What is one or two of your favourite smells?
Early morning country lanes in spring

Which of your scars has the best story behind it?
I snapped my thumb falling on an icy corner in Hertfordshire a few winters ago and had to get my wife & screaming kids to come and get me 1 hour out of London and take me to A&E. I still can’t bend my thumb properly.

What food do you love that a lot of people might find a little unfamiliar?
My wife thinks it’s weird that I like grapes, sponge cake and yogurt in the same bowl