I taught myself how to ride a bike at age 13 as my friends where teasing me about not being able to ride a bike, but I didn’t own a bike (hybrid) until I was about 25 years old which I used to commute to work only, a few years later my brother (a keen cyclist) persuaded me to get a road bike and I haven’t looked back since.
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Started cycling since the age of 9 years old and bought my first bike at 18 (CX bike). I got into cycling to get me from A to B easier. In my local area and especially in the black community, football and basketball are the popular sports and I wanted to do something different. 

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I am one who likes to motivate, encourage and inspire others to achieve the impossible and put no limits to what one can do.
With BCN, they have given me that platform to do such,  I intend to carry out this duty to the best of my ability. Hopefully with catch YOU on our next ride ?

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“I’m a nice guy, with some nice dreams”. From a young age I loved cycling. My first bike was a heavy Halfords clunker which I rode with jeans from dawn to dusk. The passion has always been there but now I appreciate the culture of the sport.

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I started cycling quite late in the game after trying a number of sports in the past from BJJ to MMA to Fencing. I started my cycling journey in 2016 where I used my bike to commute. I was pushing 100kg and wanted to drop the weight and cycling helped me a lot. Cycling gives me freedom where I can jump on my bike after a stressful day at work and cycle until I feel free and also very tired.

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Fifteen years ago, my car went into repair, the mechanic took near two months to fix it, desperate to deliver my product to customers on time, i had no choice but to borrow my mate’s bike, the ease and efficiency in getting around London town was liberating.

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Having always had a passion for sports, Mathew strives for the top spot. With his broad skill set, he has competed at regional and national level against some of the toughest riders in the country.

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Started cycling on 2 wheels at the age of 2. He’s always been into most sports through school, even taking up martial arts whilst doing athletics. Eventually took up cycle racing from 2016, then competed more seriously in 2017 to present. 

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Club founder, apparel model and national athlete.  He is a man with an infectious enthusiasm for cycling and diversity.  Having represented Ghana in the African Games 2019 as part of a 2 man team.

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South London born and raised. James has been a powerful Rider both on the indoor track and out on the road. Having spent time coaching youth riders, James also understands cycling from the ground up. 

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A story that many men can relate to. As a pro gamer Aaron didn’t have much of a physically active lifestyle. He started cycling and was bitten by the bug. His competitive nature lead him towards racing.

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I consider my self a really strong spirit, pushing to the limits, very compatible regardless, I take my training very serious to get my targets also encourage and give motivation to other people.

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