Lloyd Grose

Played many different sports in my younger years captaining and representing my district and county in football and running playing with a number of premiership players in their youth, competing in the FA Cup and attracting attention from professional teams in my area. Ultimately it wasn’t for me and headed into the corporate world. Decided to take up cycling after a number of years of inactivity sitting at a desk all day and picking up that “middle aged” spread!
Greatest achievement so far? Finishing a few duathlons at 45 years of age and not coming last!

I’m very interested in understanding peoples journeys, how they got to where they are and hopefully enabling and inspiring more people to rise up.

10 Questions

What sport would you do if you were not a cyclist?
I’m a sucker for all sports having been brought up in a sporting family My brother coaches Olympic athletes, baseball players and figure skaters in Canada having represented them in the 80’s beating a guy called Ben Johnson. My auntie used to manage the sunshine girls aka the Jamaican netball team and was the vice president of the Jamaican Netball federation until she passed away. My sister was a good athlete, my dad and my uncle played cricket in Jamaica and the surrounding islands.

Who in the cycling world would you like to go for a ride with?
If I could go on a ride it would be a joint ride with Bradley Wiggins and Justin Williams. Very inspirational characters both looking to take people with them on their continued journeys.

Which other sport do you mostly follow and which club or athlete do you support?
Football – I’m Aston Villa season ticket holder as I was brought up a 20 min walk from ground. I worked as an assistant groundsman whilst I was at school cutting the pitch , painting goal posts etc
Athletics – Loved this and still do. Daley Thompson is a hero of mine but the way Usain Bolt changed the game in what an athlete can do, to raise the profile of running, Jamaica and of people of colour in general. This was incredible to see and I had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the 100m final at the 2012 London Olympics.

What city would you most like to live in?
Toronto (Canada) , Auckland (New Zealand) , Ibiza (Spain) , London (England)

How do you relax after a hard day?
Getting on my bike of course!

What music do you put on when you want to get pumped?
Having dj’ed in Ibiza I’d say house \ garage music all night long but these days drum and base and early 90’s rave rocks my world .

What’s your favourite TV show?
A good music documentary

What is one or two of your favourite smells?
Mums cooking! Fried Plantains although I’ve given that up!

Which of your scars has the best story behind it?
Permanent scars on legs and arms from weeping wounds playing football on dried surfaces

What food do you love that a lot of people might find a little unfamiliar?
My dietary habits are quire boring these days although as a kid I used to put lashings of tomato ketchup on my rice and peas!