Welcome to BCN Show Episode #004

Another wonderful glorious day on the bike for all members of the BCN group ride.
If you were not there this is a morsel of what you missed and if this doesn’t whet your appetite i’m not sure what might ๐Ÿ˜€. There were even more new members joining us this weekend to try group riding for the first time and some from other cycling groups who just wanted to enjoy the experience together. Thats what its all about enjoying and sharing. Lets hope we can keep this up into winter… deal?!

Welcome to BCN show episode #003

Are you coming back? this might seem an odd question but for us its important to know how we can best improve the ride to make sure you enjoy it. This club is a community for all cyclist to enjoy. So when we hear a positive reply it fills us with pride.
Remember you make our community.

Welcome to the BCN show Episode #002

Okay Okay we know its a shameless copy of the GCN intro but its so good we had to bite it ๐Ÿ™‚. During lockdown in the UK we haven’t been able to group ride due to guidance by British Cycling. As of 18th of June they have advised group rides may restart but only in groups limited to 6 riders. It is for this reason we have not formally announced a return to normal Saturday rides. We wish to rehearse group captaincy so we can keep our riders and the public safe. Please bare with us during this time we hope normal rides can restart soon.

Race Team is a GO!

Mark the date on your calendar. Today BCN officially launch their race team.
BCN is actively seeking partners in this historic initiative and has set up a Go Fund Me page
for patrons looking to support this cause.
Go fund me page:

BCN announced today its intention to create the first amateur British domestic racing team for BAME riders to compete in the 2021 season.
The team currently boasts a roster of nine riders made up of an Elite rider, four cat 2 and four cat 3 athletes โ€“ with an aim to deliver a competitive team of 10 riders.

London based cycling club BCN (The Black Cyclists Network) was established in 2018 to address the lack of diversity and representation in UK cycling across all levels, grassroots to professional.
Currently boasting over 100 members it is one of the fastest growing and vibrant clubs in the UK, redefining the face of club riding.

BCN founder Mani Arthur said โ€œBCN is more than a club. We are a community built to address the lack of representation in the cycling world.
There are a lot of cyclists from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds in the UK and around the world yet very few resources cater for our communities.
With the launch of the BCN team we aim to give much needed visibility to people of colour in the sport to inspire and engage a new audience to the physical, mental and social benefits of cycling.โ€

Alongside a race team, BCN ambitions stretch to grassroots cycling setting its sights on community participation, to include an outreach program for beginners and pathways for young talent to chase their cycling dreams.

Wake Up Everybody No More Sleeping In Bed

Never has the song Wake Up Everybody by Melvin and The Blue Notes had such meaning.
With the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement seeing a massive resurgence sadly due to George Floyds murder. It has been amazing to see people from different backgrounds come forward and stand up under this banner.

With Covid-19 pandemic affecting the entire world it appears medical professionals are finally getting the respect they have always deserved.

Education has adapted with many children being home schooled with the assistance of their teachers and some in higher office questioning the historic curriculum being taught.

Lets hope this and much more continue to push for the change we all want to see.